Our services

Trans-fr offers the following translation services:

  • Translation English - French

  • Translation Dutch - French

    Why should you request Trans-fr's services?

    Depending on your needs, requesting the services of an independent translator rather than of an agency presents several advantages:

    • Without intermediary person, get your translations at the right price

    Skip middlemen! Most translation agencies subcontract orders to freelance translators, sometimes even off-shore. It is logical that they make their benefits from the commissions charged. By working directly with a freelance translator, you avoid communication problems that may occur with intermediary persons, but above all, you do not need to pay for commissions and the translator gets a more equitable remuneration. Both the customer and the translator benefit from direct working.

    • A customised translation: a quality insurance

    When you regularly use translation services, you can be assured of working with the same person every time you call the services of a freelance translator: a person who knows the context of your business and your communication policy. In case of problem, communication is direct and fast between you and the translator. This is how you gain considerable time and how your translations gain in quality.

    Trans-fr is also:

    • A quotation matching your needs and in no time
    • The guarantee of a text read before delivery
    • Use of appropriate and specialised software (CAT tools, OCR, DTP)
    • Possibility of payment by PayPal

    Education and experience

    My mother tongue is French, but I took all my education in Dutch schools, so I am bilingual.

    have a Master in translation in French, Dutch and Russian, obtained in 2005 at Vlekho Hogeschool voor taal en wetenschappen (Vlekho Academy of Languages and Sciences) in Brussels, where I also studied English for three years.

    After 5 years of experience as a staff translator, I started as a freelance translator through my home office: Trans-fr Translation.

    Translation Tools

    Given the diversity of formats and types of texts to be translated, Trans-fr Tranlsation has a wide range of software and tools to work with under Windows (Vista and Seven) and Linux (Ubuntu) environment, including:

    • Office suites: MS Office 2007/2010 (or OpenOffice.org 3.1)
    • CAT software: Trados 2007 & SDL Trados Studio 2009 (OmegaT, Wordfast, Anaphraseus)
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Photoshop (& The Gimp)
    • Adobe InDesign (& Scribus)
    • OCR : Readiris Pro
    • Webbrowsers: Google Chrome (100% at the ACID3 test), Firefox 3.5, IE8
    • etc.

    Of course, our translations are also based on the use of encyclopaedias and dictionaries, both electronic and in book form (Larousse, Robert, Vandale, Collins, Webster's, Encarta).

    Concerning TRADOS, please read the warning in our FAQ.



    It goes without saying that we ensure the confidentiality of any document entrusted to us by our customers as well as their identity. We ask our customers their explicit consent before mentioning their names in our references.