Note to translation agencies: we suggest to agencies to submit their pricing policy and terms of payment in order to adapt our quotations to their usual practices.

The rates proposed below are given by way of illustration only. We remind you that we make customised quotations and that the billing depends on the difficulty of the text, document size and workload.

Translation English – French or Dutch - French € 0.08 – 0.12 / word
$ 0.12 – 0.18 / word

Rates in US Dollars are submitted to the currency rate of the day. Transaction and change fees are charged to the customer. See the FAQ #9.

Rate per word:                                                 Rate per hour:

This is the most commonly used calculation system. Our basical rate is:

€ 0.10 per translated word.
Proofreading, correcting, writing texts, layout, publishing, OCR, scanning, data entry ...

€ 23 per hour on average.

Flat rate:

Some tasks are charged a flat rate. For example:
  • A text smaller than 200 words: 23 euro.
  • Bids, major project, long term collaboration: estimation.


  • Possibility of volume discount (less than € 0.10 / word) starting from 10,000 words (i.e. 5 to 6 days of work): estimation.
  • TRADOS : For large translations (more than 10,000 words), using your Translation Memory (Wordfast, Trados, etc.), the following reduction apply: 50% discount for repetitions and matches between 95 and 100%. See the FAQ #7.


  • Any additional expense (such as shipping, registered mail, CD-R, photocopying, ...) is charged to the customer.
  • Late hours (past 7 pm), public French holidays and weekends: according to my availability and with a surcharge of 50 % on the basic rate.
  • Payments from outside the euro-zone and/or in another currency and via PayPal: transaction and change fees charged to the customer. See the FAQ #9.
  • Delay in payment: surcharge of 5,68 %. See the FAQ #10.

Down payment:

We may request a down payment for orders that exceed € 1,000. The percentage of the down payment will be specified on the quotation.

Discount on prompt payment:

Trans-fr Translation does not practice discounts on prompt payments against documents.