In keeping with our policy of customised services, we calculate our quotations according to the needs and expectations of the customer. Because each text we receive is different, the cost of a translation depends on the complexity and the size of the source text, the type of file to process and the urgency of the deadline.

For a free quotations within a few hours*, simply send us an e-mail to [offre at transfrtranslation.com] with the following information:

  1. your contact information (name, company, address);
  2. your expected deadline (if any);
  3. a complete copy of the text to translate in attachment;
  4. Means of payment you intend to use.

If for any reason (e.g. confidentiality or text still in production), you do not want to send the complete text, please provide us the following additional information:

  1. number of words** (or estimate within 5%);
  2. source file format and desired format for the translation (if different);
  3. technical field or description of the subject, specific vocabulary, etc.

Our quotations are calculated considering a workload of 1,500 to max. 1,800 words a day (including proofreading). This range depends on the difficulty degree of the vocabulary.

Quotations returned by e-mail without modification and with the mention "read and approved" are considered as purchase orders.

Any approved quotation or purchase order implies that the customer agrees with our Terms and Conditions.

We accept bank transfers, payments by PayPal and checks emitted in France***.

* Most of the time, within hours during workdays. During weekends and French public holidays, the answer can be expected the following business day (see also my availability schedule).
** Word count: see the FAQ #2.
*** Conditions of payment and fees: see FAQ #8 and #9.