Frequently Asked Questions

I want to give you something to translate. How should I proceed?

  • Send an e-mail for a fast and free quotation, See the page "QUOTATIONS".
  • I will send you a quotation with my availability.
  • Send the quotation back with the words "read and approved" in the body of the mail.

If everything goes smoothly, these few steps only take a couple of hours or even less and the translation work can start! Once the work is done, I will send you the translation with an invoice and our bank account details.

How to count the number of words in a text?

In MS Word 2003 or previous versions and Writer: select the text (CTRL+A to select the whole document), go to the Tools menu, then click on Word count. You will find several statistics related to the document, including the number of words.

In MS Word 2007, the word count is indicated in the status bar at the bottom left.
Click on the word count to see more statistics as following:

For spreadsheets (.xls) or other file types, copy-paste the text into your text processor and use the previous tip.

It goes without saying that we do not include tags when counting words for html files.

How to count repetitions in a text?

Trans-fr will count them using a CAT software and it will of course be taken into account when establishing the quotation. The software analyses the document in search for repetitions and then returns statistics. Here is an example of an analysis result:

In a text of 11,334 words, 1,215 words are repeated (in this case two identical fragments of 36 segments). The customer will be charged for 10,119 words at full rate and 1,215 words half-price.

If you provide a terminology database or translation memory (TM) created on the base of a similar text, there is also a discount of 50% on matches between 95 and 100%.

How long does it take to translate my document?
How many words do you translate a day?

I estimate my throughput on an average of 1,500 to 1,800 translated words a day. This range represents the possible degrees of difficulty of the vocabulary.

Do you accept to translate texts which are not in electronic format or which cannot be modified / edited?

It depends, but generally, NO. In any case, we do NOT accept manuscripts or handwritten texts/letters. However, if you want to submit a printed text, feel free to contact me in order to find a possible arrangement (especially about shipping and scanning).

For .pdf files and READABLE picture files, I have an OCR software, but its use is submitted to an hourly rate because on one hand, digitalising documents (scanning + computer-assisted recognition) takes a lot of time and on the other hand you will also receive your source document in electronic format. Please note that the translation and the source text are delivered in MS Word compatible format (.doc or .rtf) without layout. Additional layout work will cause a surcharge.

In any case, please inform us in advance about these special requests before we establish our quotation, because this process can turn out to be very costly for you.

What is TRADOS?

TRADOS is a CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software suite. Its main contribution is to generate a database with all the segments (sentences or pieces of sentences) of a text. When a segment is repeated or similar to another segment, TRADOS immediately suggests the translation that has been recorded for the previous same or similar segment. It is a very useful method for translating technical texts, for example a software manual where the phrase "press enter to continue" is repeated numerous times, but also for websites where a paragraph can be repeated on several different pages. On the other hand, for more literary or non-repetitive texts, its usefulness is restricted.

The TRADOS suite comes with TagEditor. This program is a huge advantage when translating websites (amongst others, this very website), since it almost automatically transfers the html tags from the source html so that the translation respects the original settings and layout of the page.

Do you offer discounts on the use of TRADOS?

I do not apply some "scientific" calculations used by "some" translation agencies. Clearly, regarding the use of TRADOS software, I offer a 50% discount ONLY on exact repetitions and +95% matches (analogies).

I understand very well that no one would like to pay 50 times the flat rate for the same sentence translated once and pasted 49 times or for identical paragraphs of a couple of hundreds of words, but I do not offer a sliding scale of charges depending on the matching percentage. An analogy degree of 90% means one or two different words in a sentence of a dozen of words. In my opinion, this can't be called a repetition anymore.

TRADOS is a tool to translate more efficiently, but which does not do the translation job in our place. When a repetition is not exact, we have to look up the difference and translate it by ourselves. This is another matter than just pressing the enter key for a copy-paste.

Moreover, buying TRADOS is quite an investment (min. € 500) and it can not be depreciated if its benefits must be converted into rebate. Hopefully, you will agree that it makes no sense to make this kind of investment to be paid less. Would you ask your dentist for a discount because he uses hi-tech tools instead of a pincer?

The advantage for customers is related to the increased translation speed and the generation of a reusable glossary.

Which payment methods do you accept?

There are several ways to pay:

  • Bank transfer – Fee only for payments from outside the Euro zone.
  • Cheque – only if emitted in France.
  • Paypal – fast and easy, but always with a fee.

What are the costs related to each payment method?

All exchange fees and additional charges for transactions from abroad are charged to the customer..

Paypal France
Euro zone
+ 3.55%

Outside Euro zone and/or
Other currency
+ 4.10 %
Bank transfer France
Euro zone
No fee

Outside Euro zone and/or
Other currency
€ 8.65 for < € 250
€ 14,25 for > € 250
Check France No fee

Other countries Not accepted

How much time do I have to pay the invoice?

The legal time in France and as recommended by the SFT (French translators' trade union): 30 days upon receipt of invoice (date of sent mail as proof). Any delay in payment will result in a surcharge of one and a half time the legal interest rate, i.e. 5.68% (2009).